I’ll show you how you can customize radio buttons. And you’ll be surprised how easy is that.

Here’s the HTML and CSS for the radio buttons.

Make sure to place the labels after their respective input field.
Check out the Codepen.

3-Months at Amal Fellowship’21

All good things come to an end, Sharing my thoughts in PW for the last time. It’s a happy and sad moment for me. I am happy to complete my fellowship and saying goodbye to the wonderful facilitators and fellows is pretty emotional.

It’s time to say Goodbye to the…

Every week I learn interesting and powerful things which I never paid attention to before. After knowing them I was surprised how important it is and how it reflects on our professional and personal development. There are many and I like storytelling the most.

Amal makes me realize the importance…

A journey full of positivity with Amal Academy

I am Mahnoor, a front-end web developer and a student. Being passionate about my career I always hunting for a platform where I can progress and I found one.

We all are taken school education where we learn our subjects, but when…

Growth Mindset refers to your belief that you can achieve your motive by practising and hard work. Our efforts will pay and we can achieve our desire goals.

There’s no Impossible It’s I M POSSIBLE

It is not necessary to have someone all the time to motivate you. …

Educating People How to Earn Money from the Internet.

The lack of awareness of how to earn from the internet from a non-technical background unemploy students leads to Decoys.

Trap on the internet is very common

Students or recent graduates belong to non-technical background who want to get a job and when they face challenges and not…

I want to get an internship at MLH fellowship programme. One of the requirements of getting enrolled in the programme is a project which showcases your coding skills.

I have started with my project but stuck and couldn't continue.

I have taken my first step towards my goal and Ask my friend to help me figure out the problem with the code. We did a meeting and I am ready to go.

Here I am with my blog for fixing stuff around me.

Being a coding enthusiast I am spending my most of the hours in front of my laptop screen and by doing lots of stuff I just don’t pay attention to the mess created on my desktop, many of the file/folders are not needed any more, some of them need to be in respective folders in a file directory.

So I decided to clean this mess, I have to delete extra files and folders, move some of them on their folders and rearrange them. After doing this My mind is super peaceful and it is so satisfying.

In this blog, you’ll get to know about what APIs are, why developers are using them.

What is API?

API is an acronym for Application Programming Interface. API contains functions, Protocols, and tools that help developers add complex functionalities in their applications without writing a complete code.

What does API do?

APIs allow the user to access…

Why website performance matter?

Website performance refers to how quickly the webpages loads to fulfill user needs. A high-performance website engages more audiences. Conversely, the low-performance website causes poor user experience and severely affects online ventures.

We entered the URL press enter and Wait for 1sec.. 3sec.. 5 sec… And 10 seconds, but still…

Mahnoor Naveed

I'm a frontend developer, love to explore tech👩‍💻

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